Advising for Fall of 2017 is on!

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Advising for the Fall Semester of 2017 has begun. Here are some useful dates: Monday, March 20th: Fall courses available online. Tuesday, March 21st: General advising session, featuring a career development talk; 12.15-1.20pm, 73 Tremont, room 100 (1st floor conference room/Amenities Room). Wednesday, March 29th: General advising session, 1pm-3pm, 73 Tremont room 1102 (11th floor conference room). Wednesday, March 22nd: […]

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What Just Happened!?


Join us for a reflection on the process and outcome of the 2016 United States Election, the very following night. Whatever your view of the result, please join Professors Jeppe von Platz of the Philosophy Department, Jonathan Haughton of the Economics Department, Kenneth Cosgrove of the Government Department, and Rick Beinecke of the Public Administration Department as we discuss how […]

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PPE | EPP Foreign Policy Forum


The PPE has partnered with the Suffolk Master’s Program in Ethics and Public Policy to host a series of talks on matters of foreign policy – ISIS, right wing nationalism, Brexit, the situation in Ukraine, and so on. The idea is to have informal but informed conversations involving both faculty, students, and non-academics on matters of importance to all of us. […]

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