Many social, political, and economic questions are complex and cannot be adequately addressed exclusively from the perspective of any one discipline. Our PPE program is an interdisciplinary major drawing from three academic departments: government, philosophy, and economics. The program will provide you with a foundation in policy, ethics, and economics so you can develop a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of contemporary and enduring social issues.

Learning goals of the PPE major

  • The PPE major will provide students with an understanding of the disciplines of government, economics, and philosophy.
  • The PPE major will enable students to apply theory and methods from government, economics, and philosophy to a variety of social and political questions and challenges.
  • The PPE major will provide the student with an interdisciplinary perspective, knowledge, and skill set.

Learning objectives of the PPE major

  • Students will understand the institutions and rules that govern and structure political decision-making.
  • Students will understand the main theories and concepts of ethics and political philosophy
  • Students will be able to access existing economic knowledge and to interpret and manipulate economic data.
  • Students will be able to analyze and critically assess quantitative and qualitative research.
  • Students will correctly distinguish and identify the ethical, political, and economic aspects of social and political questions and challenges.
  • Students will relevantly and correctly combine the perspectives, theories, and data from politics, philosophy, and economics to engage in real world social and political issues.