PPE Tracks

The PPE requirements offer you several choices in designing your major. Below you can see some examples of possible tracks you can choose.  You can design a track that fits your wishes and ambitions with you advisor.  Read more about the major requirements here.

Here are some examples of how a track might look:

A student focusing on the political regulation of markets:

  • PHIL-253: The Philosophy of America
  • PHIL-319: Topics: Distributive Justice
  • GVT-347: Legislative Politics
  • GVT-337: Public Policy & Business
  • EC-421: Public Economics:  Tax and Budget
  • EC-423: Economics of Regulation

A student interested in globalization:

  • GVT-310: Global Political Economy
  • GVT-465: International and Transnational Organizations
  • PHIL-402: History of Ethics and Political Philosophy 2
  • PHIL-403: The Idea of Human Rights
  • EC-430: International Trade Theory and Policy
  • EC-442: International Monetary Economics

A student interested in the nature and sources of law (perhaps aiming for law school):

  • GVT-343: State Court Process & Policy
  • GVT-328: American Law, Government and Policy
  • PHIL-318: Philosophy of Law
  • PHIL-319: Topics: Distributive Justice
  • EC-433: Public Choice
  • EC-460: Game Theory