Advisory Board

The PPE Undergraduate Advisory Board is a committee of student representatives that serves to enhance the PPE major. It is a forum through which PPE students can share their concerns and hopes regarding the major with fellow PPE majors as well as faculty. Board members serve as chief liaisons between PPE majors and PPE faculty, frequently offering and receiving recommendations in both directions. They often help in the implementation of PPE initiatives, and in doing so, develop strong relationships with our faculty and staff.

If you are a student in the PPE Program and have an idea, a question or a concern, or if you are interested in hearing more from students in the program, the members of the Student Advisory Board are ready to help you!

The current members of the student advisory board are:
Co-chairs: Helina Dawitt and Grant Fishman
Events management: Beverly Nwankwo and Jingwen Guan
Student contact: Sara Solomon, Norma Buyund, and Noor Alibrahim
PR: Ana Vergara, Joanna Ambramchuk, and Mike Luntadila
Web and Social Media: Joanna Abramchuk and Beverly Nwankwo
Internships and professional development: Wesley Nord and Helina Dawitt


Student Advisory Board